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Chloride application is complete, If you have not yet taken down your flags, please do so soon as the ditch mowing will begin next week. Thanks

Olmsted County Vital Aging Commission Information.==> Click Here to View Document

NOXIOUS AND INVASIVE WEED PROGRAM–Please Clock on the attached document to find the list of noxious weeds and more information on the Invasive Weed program. If you have these weeds growing on your property, you should be working to eradicate them..==> Click Here to View Document

NOXIOUS AND INVASIVE WEED PROGRAM–Additional Information about this subject.==> Click Here to View Document

Septic Permits:
On July 1, 2015 the Salem Town Board voted to return the Septic Permitting to GGG @ Chatfield. All applications, designs & checks should be directed to them. This material can be dropped off at the TCPA office or the Clerk’s Office for delivery to Chatfield. If you have any questions about this change, please contact Chris Priebe at GGG Phone: (507) 867 1666.